Product In the future, collaborating with you to create brilliant


About us In the future, collaborating with you to create brilliant

The company is located in Chinese meierda textile town - the town of marijuana, indoor textile industrial park, is extremely advantageous geographical location, close to 302 National Road, Zhejiang Jiangxi railway by plant, east of Shanghai, west of Hangzhou, convenient transportation! Advanced production equipment, perfect modern management system, professional senior staff, for the company to pursue high-quality products to lay a solid foundation. Various patterns, can always design and produce according to customer requirements. The main products are: high-grade sand release series, curtain cloth, engineering cloth, warp knitting cloth, knitted cloth and so on. Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, science and technology and development" for the purpose, with unique wisdom and dedicated service to win customers favor. Based on current. In the future, collaborating with you to create brilliant.


Product advantage

Meierda the perfect equipment of product variety, high quality raw material, feel comfortable!

Word-of-mouth advantage

Meierda has a good reputation, has received wide acclaim!

Sales advantage

To high-quality services and high-quality products for the national sales!

Service advantage

Not only to achieve technical and professional, but also to achieve professional and practical customer needs combined!

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