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The difference between flax and imitation linen

First of all, let's look at is what property of flax yarn, flax fiber is the first to use natural fibers, is the only natural fiber bundle of plant fiber, with natural spindle structure and unique pectic substance hypotenuse hole, the resulting excellent moisture absorption, breathable, antiseptic, antibacterial, low static features, makes the flax fabric can natural breathing fabrics, known as "fiber queen". Under normal temperature, wearing linen clothing can reduce the actual feeling temperature of the body by 4 degrees to 5 degrees, so the flax is also known as "natural air conditioning". Because flax is a rare natural fiber, it only accounts for 1.5 percent of natural fiber, so the price of flax products is relatively expensive, which is a symbol of status and status abroad.

And linen is made from viscose rayon and nylon with a certain process, the greatest degree of reduction of flax yarn with the good features, though this product can't completely has the characteristics of flax yarn, but relative to the expensive price of linen yarn, linen yarn is far lower than the price of flax yarn, mass consumers would benefit more and more people. This new product has been well recognized and loved by the market. The fabrics made of linens are made of nylon fibers that make the finished product stretch and shrink.