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Cotton yarn is the best choice for weaving yarn

Cotton yarn can be used as woven yarn already, also can be used as a knitting yarn, especially combed yarn can be used to produce high quality requirements of textiles, such as high-grade t-shirts, fine poplin, cotton yarn can also produce special industrial electrician cambric, tire cord fabric, high speed sewing thread and embroidery thread, etc. Woven yarn is the yarn used for shuttle loom for conventional pure cotton yarn and blended yarn, to more than 60 of the knitting yarn and weaving yarn can be general, the British branch of 60 knitting yarn and weaving yarn mainly different twist.

Cotton yarn is a yarn made of cotton fiber by spinning process. After processing, it is called cotton thread. According to the spinning process, it can be divided into a comb and combed yarn.

The pleated yarn is a yarn spun from a cotton fiber through the ordinary spinning system. Combed yarn is a yarn spun by a cotton fiber spinning system. The yarn is made of high quality raw material, and the yarn is straight and parallel, with little knot, good gloss, dry and high strength. This kind of cotton yarn is used for weaving high quality fabrics.

Cotton yarn is widely used and popular, and the market prospect of cotton yarn is becoming more and more extensive.